• Affiliate Marketers.
  • Build your own website(s– up to 25!!)
  • Courses from the ground up
  • Hosting through WordPress
  • Community

If you are privy to Affiliate Marketing and have not heard of WEALTHY AFFILIATE yet (cause you’ve been living under a rock like I was ;) Let me tell you my honest review.

This is their link www.wealthyaffiliate.combut PLEASE HEAR ME OUT FIRST! 

WHAT IS WEALTHY AFFILIATE ABOUT?? …. My genuine review. I AM excited.

Seriously, I LOVE THIS SITE. The founders, Carson and Kyle have been so patient with my idiocy (just cause it’s true) and I have talked to/dealt with both of them personally. I have dealt with site support, asked hundreds of questions, talked to many members, and I have 3 websites currently. Seriously, this is a great community to learn business, and it’s the techie aspects that I wasn’t learning other places.

The value is huge!  Check it >>>

You really have nothing to lose. That is the conclusion I came to and I know you will also. It’s free!

Take the confusion out of building your own site! Work with some really cool people doing it!

This site I happened by accidentally. I don’t even remember how. I knew I needed to have my own business, but I was nosing around the net, the way I do, and I found this raving review. I had no clue about Affiliate Marketing or anything. I also had no clue how to go about starting an actual business, selecting a niche, creating a website, hosting; I had a million trillion questions! I also didn’t even know what questions to ask.

So I signed up for the free membership and what I found was my golden key. Now I’m not a cheesy person. But there are 2 main sites that I need to thank tremendously for FINALLY being able to build my own business. The 2nd one will be next. But Wealthy Affiliate – WA – is truly worth its weight in gold. I could not list all the benefits, but I will attempt to highlight the biggest.

  • WA is an Affiliate Marketing company and they pay close to … sit down… No, I’m serious! …. SIT. DOWN. They pay close to 50%. That’s friggin unheard of. Dude!
  • They have awesome classes that their professionals have made, plus a lot of the business and tech savvy members have also added their own training for everything from graphics, to SEO, site building, content, building a team, etc. Everything you need to start a successful online business- or successful website to go with your successful Brick and Mortar. HERE is their Affiliate page
  • They offer hosting for premium members and at first, the $49/month price tag scared me. But when I realized what all I got… and I cannot even scratch the surface, but they offer hosting through WordPress, fully site supported, and you get up to 25 websites (of course, you have to purchase the domains and most .coms are about 14 bucks extra per)… but WHATEVER! 25 pro websites with tons of perks!
  • They offer quick, reliable and competent site support.
  • The community is awesome! I never wait longer than an hour to have a question answered.
  • Literally thousands of people all heading in the same direction helping each other. I found HEAVEN!
  • Website reviews from the community.
  • Did I mention the business classes? (that even a total dummy like me could figure out) And there are more advanced people too, utilizing the community and help, and network, and hosting- OMG, do I sound like a cheesy teenager that just spent her lunch at the table with her long time crush?! (sorry gag…) BUT I AM!!! SQUEAL!!!

So here is their stats blup ;)

Go check them out!!! –then come back…

They’ve been featured on some great sites – I’m fetching those links as we speak.

And I am a skeptical person, so I checked them out really well before I joined- the ONLY negative anything you will find out about them, is made up blathering from negative paid reviews by their bitter competitors.

WA HAS THE CORNER ON VALUE FOR YOUR BUSINESS! There is no end to the learning potential here.


My disclosure: I am an affiliate. I have not been paid to endorse WA. This is my honest and true review. I work on my sites and courses every day on WA. They have changed my life and the way I am doing (and started) my business(es).

You can link to my DIRECT profile on WA here: 


Here is me… in my contemplative serious face laugh

I will be writing more about them soon in my blog. But right now, I am off to fix my slider!!