Motivation and Inspiration are the MOST IMPORTANT things in business and life.

We have to work on us!

Reinventing ourselves, nurturing ourselves, investing in ourselves!

Since I began this process, I had to change a lot of things.

I began yoga exercise (I don’t subscribe to the religious aspects) and belly dancing smile

So Squeal Time!!!

I want to introduce you now to my favorite belly dancing course. I am also an affiliate. I seriously love this course! The benefits I am receiving, confidence, exercise, fun, and YES inspiration are completely healing to me. Well, see for yourself! This is literally the best Belly Dancing Course available for home and online instruction with the best cost!


 Possibly the fastest way for anyone to master belly dancing. And you can do it all from the privacy of your home

– Cosmopolitan Magazine, 2012



  • American Cabaret
  • Egyptian Oriental
  • U.S. Tribal
  • Gothic & Tribal Fusion
  • Turkish Didem

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