Who is … Beast Mode Mama?

Beast Mode Mama
Disclosure: I am COMPLETELY Self Taught. I do NOT have an MBA. I also do NOT WANT an MBA smile

Her over there, that’s me, Tara … hard at work ;)

…Why should You care?

I Learned how to build a REAL business I love! And I can help you too!
Live your life with no regrets. I am living proof ~ a loser learning to succeed. It’s just TRUE!

I am nobody…  life SUCKED! I was NOT living my ideal or even an acceptable life … much less living by my convictions. I was miserable.

I promised that I would help other mothers, especially single mothers, realize they don’t have to compromise in their life, for their children.

My kids ARE my LIFE. They are my legacy. I’m sure all mothers feel the same!

I learned how to make a legit business on my own terms, to meet my goals (finally) —– to be a Homeschooling, stay AT HOME – SINGLE mother! I learned how to fill in all the blanks, bridge the gaps, and connect ALL THE DOTS.

This brings me to the “Why the heck should YOU care?” part…

I want to share with you how I am doing it and you ABSOLUTELY CAN TOO! I’m not charging anything- except your time and determination to learn.

I had absolutely:


I am NOT SELLING  any course, book, or membership, etc. This was my promise to my kids and convictions. To BECOME what I had needed! And You can do it too!!

That does not mean that there will not be things for sale. But this Basic Course, Resources Page, Community, and Forum are (and will ALWAYS BE) FREE.


I’m Currently on my second life — because I screwed the first one up. No shit, like I should win a stinking prize or something. I didn’t have any more time to waste and don’t want to see you waste yours!

I am an early 40 something (PLEASE do NOT tell ANYONE!) single mother (again).

BUT ……….. I’m FINALLY making it smile

I have been an entrepreneur for a decade ALREADY…

(Cue OMINOUS MUSIC – dun, dun, dun)

ha ha hahaha!!

I WAS NOT AN EMPLOYEE. I mean, I was not cut out for it. And when I was the dreaded E word, I was not a happy employee. I was a bad employee. I was good, but I was bad at taking orders and following what others wanted me to do. I had better ways. I just did- ASK ME! I will tell you!

But, I had a little problem… Okay- it was a BIG problem.

I could never seem to nail down WHAT exactly to do and how.

Honestly-  most of the time I have barely scraped by. I have too many ideas flooding my head that I can never seem to make into anything and I’m a perpetual rebel. I have a lot of interests, maybe too many. I’m full of wonder, love learning a lot of things, and I get bored WAY TOO easy.

I have made HORRIBLE decisions, I trust the wrong people too much, held on to the wrong people too long, and I’m also a HUGE introvert. Not really because I want to be, but because most of my life, people have taught me that I’m safer not to trust them- life wasn’t always easy.  pardon

I only bring it up so you can know me and know a little about where I come from and why I am here talking to you now. My life resume currently exists of a million WRONG decisions, bad choices, and WTFs.

I grew up pretty much alone, am still not finished raising myself and don’t know what I want to be when I grow-up retire.

My ONLY claim to fame- I was the black sheep. 

This was me! Can you relate? o.O

And a DAMMED good one!!

But I got tired. I’s  tired bozz… so tired sad

Then it dawned on me     ……….    

(Cue more ominous music – Dun dun DUN!)

I am the only one that has to deal with the consequences of my life. The first half (If I’m lucky) of my life can be summed up with 1 word – PINFUCKINGBALL!  dash

THAT’S RIGHT! I made that word, just now smile

I made a decision. One lonely decision.

…An angry, tired, exhausted, set-in-stone, immovable, unchangeable decision! I would set ONE goal, ONLY 1!

This was such a FREEING Realization! Huge Weight Lifted Off Immediately  cool

Business goals

To sustain my independence as a single mother, to live and raise my sons according to MY terms and convictions!! That’s it!

I want the consequences of MY LIFE to be based on MY decisions– not the unfitting advice of others, society, social acceptance, my past fuck-ups(!) and bad decisions and the fears and ignorance of everyone else.

I was not going to view myself according to others and the OLD me any longer.
I am reinventing, redesigning, re-engineering and re-investing in myself and MY life.

— The beginning is the end is the beginning! —

I needed someone to take my hand and yank me off my friggin butt and say:

“THERE!!! FOLLOW THAT ROAD!! Atta-girl, put the damn PIE down Fattie and get to work! NO MORE EXCUSES! TIME FOR YOGA! Drink more water! GOOD job! DO THIS, NOT THAT! “

Because if a hot mess like me can make it with the following resources:

  1.  Zero help,
  2.  Zero education,
  3.  Zero family or friends,
  4.  Zero support,
  5.  Zero clue, and
  6.  A laptop, a cell phone, and small credit card with a $300 limit… in an unfamiliar state and geography…

So can you!! Starting RIGHT now!!

And I am streamlining my scattered process of chaos, clearly and neatly for you.

The way I would have needed it done. Because let’s face it, we all want to live life on our own terms and we all want a way to ‘make it’ because we only have 1 shot at this life.

In my early 40s, I am tired of wasting time and money, both of which I didn’t have to waste. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

What will YOU will gain from Me?

I promise YOU that I WILL:

  1. Help you understand, create, discern what kind of business your heart desires;
  2. Help You streamline WHAT chronological steps you can take to make your own legit business THAT FITS YOU!   — >>;
  3. CUT out all the bull and lay it all out in simplified terms – in a clear outline – the crayons and coloring book version smile — >>;
  4. Help you create a network and support group that YOU can thrive in and will be here to help you along the way;
  5. CARVE out the necessary steps to get your business up and running and help you decide what advanced elements can wait, and should;
  6. Show you how AND walk with you as you PLAN, RESEARCH AND CREATE YOUR Business, from scratch! It only takes an idea!


I am not pitching a course, classes, a book, membership- nothing! I could not have afforded that when I started. I WANT YOU TO MAKE It!! I want to be the FRIEND that I didn’t have, the SUPPORT that I didn’t have, the helper and Cheerleader that I didn’t have.

Maybe I will have some available soon, but this basic business outline that ANYONE CAN EXECUTE AND ACCOMPLISH is and ALWAYS will be FREE!


Let’s just be honest- It’s not easy being a mother much of the time, BUT ESPECIALLY SINGLE MOTHERS!

And IF it IS easy… I have a lot of serious questions…  and especially for those of us without family and friend support.

I hope you have more than I did. But either way- You are now family!
If you want to be… I hope you do.

My Promise to YOU! I will Completely lay out every PRODUCTIVE step I took and explain the wrong ones so you can avoid making them. (I made a lot of businesses, but none were sustainably successful) and help you cut through the overwhelming information that can send the best of researchers into a coma O.o

Did I mention, I need friends anyway?

I would be honored and humbled if you would walk with me on our journies while carving out “A LIFE  ON YOUR TERMS”! Every mother that wants to stay at home with her kids, should be able to.

I won’t lie, when I first started, I was Depressed, MORE than depressed. That was not cutting it. F*CK THAT!
You don’t have to work at a job you hate, away from your kids, family, passions, and goals. You don’t have to keep heading in the wrong direction! STOP! TURN IN HERE!
There is a light, sooner than you think!

And P.S. I do cuss some times. I don’t make apologies, sorry ;)  Sometimes it’s just motivational, sometimes it’s totally ingrained. Sometimes, it’s the ONLY fitting word.

Beast Mode Mama – ACTIVATED!

Prepare for your METAMORPHOSIS!!

Much love <3
Tara :*



I hope you will join me and I would love to get to know you and be there as YOU achieve your goals! You can do it and You are worth it! Please, leave a comment and introduce yourself!
Here is where I started to learn about making a *SUCCESSFUL* online business- FREE!  I will discuss WeathyAffilate later, but please feel free to check them out now and start building your network!