Are You a Single Mother That Wants to Work From Home? Be Your Own Boss But You Don’t Know How? – or what to do?

I am sharing my story, my resources, and everything you need to do it NOW!

And This Website is FREE. It ALWAYS will be.

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If you’re like me, you have looked around trying to find a starting point.

BUT…. You. Just. Keep. Banging. Your. Head. Against. The. Same. Cliche. Walls!!!

So?? —-

WTF business

Trying to find a path you can follow? You have no money to invest or very little maybe. Everywhere you turn, you find info, but everyone wants money to only offer you a small piece of the puzzle… And you are ready to pull your HAIR OUT!

That was me. I was determined I was staying home to be the one that raised my boys. PERIOD!


Free Business Single Mothers



You want to live life on YOUR TERMS!

And you sure as hell should!!

Who blames you? and if they do, then you know what finger is appropriate!

Dear Mother, You are the ONLY one that has to live with the consequences of ALL your decisions! And your children will follow suit.

I swore-

-when I figured it out that I was going to give EXACTLY what I needed when I first started! And I will tell you how I will not charge you anything and I will not spam this site with intrusive ads… I will not spam you. Clutter is the last thing you need. The Net has enough. O.o

I will keep it simple, clear, and work hard to make sure that YOU have EVERYTHING you need to be as SUCCESSFUL as you want to be!!





So You Have a Question Now, Right?


This was my only question.

WTF I do now??

I sat there for days pondering this.


My life was uprooted again and I was stuck in a little town far away from ‘home’ that I didn’t want to be in and couldn’t leave because I had no money, no vehicle and honestly, no place to go. I worked out a deal with the owner of a struggling roadside motel for me and my 3 kids to stay there for cash and help with carpentry work that I was actually pretty good at. I landed a job with the one gas station in town that wasn’t a ma and pa place as I had a good bit of retail management experience.

That gig lasted about 6 months until I was put in a position I was not okay with and decided I’m writing a letter, knowing it would most likely be fatal. So I wrote it and it was. Now, here I am with nothing. Luckily at the time, they gave me a 2 weeks severance. My daughter was working at a local diner in town and helping, as she was 21. IDK how I would have made it without her, honestly.And I won’t lie, this was key for my situation. And it was almost tax time.

We had a hard time getting a vehicle because the closest ‘real’ town was about 25 miles away and we had NO down payment. We had been paid an old junker from a ‘friend’ that owed us 500 bucks from an essential ‘scam’, borrowed a little from ‘family’ and used the car that the engine was blown on, as the down payment. Had to borrow a car to get to town to buy the first decent looking truck we could find. It had to be a truck because all our belongings were still stored in our last state.


Whew. Now you know where I started from. Ten months later I sit in my own rented house, with all utilities on and I now have a vehicle that is insured, a laptop I bought, my cell phone I currently can’t live without and a home office from where all my creative chaos is devised. This also is just a planned stepping stone.

So as I sit here with 58,294 tabs open on my laptop about business and being self-sufficient, entrepreneurship and making money online, etc.


I have come across a LOT of awesome courses out there, great websites and teachers and awesome super smart people that were doing what I wanted to be doing. But my problem was, I had no money and no time left to figure it out.

I wish I could have found someone to just help me and show me. I hunted and then I found the gem I needed.

I didn’t find a magic bullet that works overnight. But I found a viable and genuine way to accomplish my goals and a team to help me.

But I needed a way of survival in the mean time. So I am working both of these out for those of you that are in a similar boat I was. I am an upfront person.


I will have my course ready, my book, my paid info, but I am also offering most of it for free. I am not here to just make money off of needy people. Because I was a single mom, lost and alone and I NEEDED HELP. I could not find a warm shoulder, a strong arm or even a straight answer. I refused to listen to the naysayers and defeatists that said to get state help, although I had accepted that at a different point in my life.

I want to help single mothers that are currently struggling, lost, or want to be able to be the mother they are, instead of the mother they had to settle to be. I promised myself, my kids, and God that when I got through this, I would help others. I know I was not and am not alone. Yes, I am in business and it is FOR profit. But without my values, that I swore to maintain through thick and thin, I would be nothing. And I don’t want to see any mother compromise on hers when she doesn’t have to.


  1. Breathe!
  2. Get a 50 cent Walmart spiral notebook and Label it “BUSINESS JOURNAL”.
  3. Write down EVERYTHING about your life, job, business, income, etc. that you DON’T like and want to change.
  4. Begin brainstorming your passions and goals. Just write!!
  5. List all your current skills, and highlight ones that you perceive as ‘marketable’.
  6. Stop by WealthyAffiliate, they offer a free course for creating a business website and how to market it. They also offer a great community.


So without further delay, I want to introduce you to WealthyAffiliate. I will explain this site that I highly scrutinized for a long time before realizing it was legitimate and exactly what I needed. I will answer questions because you will have many, I will be here, not just in my posts but real time. I will walk with you and hopefully help you create a team and network of people heading in the same direction, so you are not left without the support you need.

That is also what WealthyAffiliate is about. It is an Affiliate Marketing site for its business course. And it is a community. This site was the SINGLE KEY to my breakthrough and transformation.

I hope you will join me.