Alright, Mamas! Time to Roll up your sleeves!

Rosie the Riveter
Ain’t she BA!!

Cue Arm & Hammer 1920s Badass Pin-up  Model Rosie the Riveter!!  smile

Of course, our goals are not the same, but she’s just cool. So tie your hair back in an awesome messy bun and put on your game face!


This is the Intro page to the Free Business Course. Before we begin I want to explain how this is laid out and what to expect.

Planning is the most crucial and beneficial part. Even if you are crunched on time, do not skip any part of planning. Or you will have to do like I did and pause everything, finish all your planning then begin again and erase a lot of what you did before you planned.  wacko

I don’t recommend it. So HERE WE GO!

The Initial Steps:

1. Decide what type of Business you want.

  • Brick and Mortar – physical business (restaurant, antique shop)
  • Online Business
  • Both
  • I just want a Home-Based Job

2. Do you have a business idea or do you need to find one?

3. Do you have a team or are you solo?

4. Your Business Plan

A. Name Your Business

B. Find your Niche

C. Map It Out

 Step 1

Know what your goals are!

But…… for those of you like me, you have no clue.

So here were the questions I had to answer.


  1.  Do you have a current source of income? (me=no)
  2.  Do you want to go get a job or find one I can work at home? (me= hell no I ain’t working for no one else ever again!)
  3. Are you ready to start growing a business of my own? (me= I want to do both at the same time!)
  4. Do you need more time to decide? (me= ain’t nobody got time for that!)


  1.  No. You need a current source of income unless you are one of those super lucky people that have an established homestead that supplies you with everything you need for a beautiful minimalist handmade lifestyle.
  2.  If you want to go find a job, I can’t help you,  sorry, good luck and hope you come back when you’re ready. But IF you are ready to work from home and begin your path to independence, YOU are in luck!  (P.S. This is the path I started with).
  3. Yes, please proceed to the FREE Business Course Page now. If not, what is holding you back? Please check out my OverCome article now.
  4.  If you HAVE more time to decide, then you probably already have a current source of income or some type of current support.

SOOOOO…… What did you decide??

Maybe you’re like me and you’re too skeptical.  Well, let me tell you what I did.

Once upon a time, in a previous life, I used to be a legal assistant. So after researching many work-at-home jobs, I decided the easiest and quickest one for me to start with was contract Transcriptionist/Proofreader.

I needed to start making real money so  I could support us FAST!

Being a single mother with no family help and a homeschooler, being a virtual assistant was out of the question because I didn’t have any undivided quiet time to designate to it.

There are tons of sites that post these legit jobs and many companies that hire. They do a far better job than I could. I figured out that I could.

Here are a few good ones:

And here is a cool forum with job boards:

Just make SURE you look for reviews before you start with any company!

I have created a little more in depth page Just for Home-Based Jobs Here.


This brings me to other work from home (work for yourself) ‘jobs’ that are more like little businesses.

Make a list of your skills, hobbies, etc. See which ones would fit you.

  • Furniture flipping from Craiglist
  • Freelance writing
  • Handmade business
  • Art business
  • Cooking/Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Pet/house sitting
  • Home daycare
  • Errands
  • Bookkeeper/CPA
  • Sewing/Alterations
  • Driver
  • Photography

(I picked a couple of these also to work on as I was doing transcription/proofreading. I really wasn’t making enough and 5 hours sitting at my laptop all day- typing-  A LOT…. I was in a hurry!)

I’m sure you can come up with some more.

And while you are forming this, please head over to my Motivation, Inspiration, and Organization page! I needed to do a lot of personal changes also and I have found a lot of tips that really helped me!


  1. Work through these questions and make a FINAL decision.
  2.  Continue journaling! Write, write, write!
  3. Keep breathing. You can do it!!



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