Brand New to Business?

Think You Can’t be Successful? Think You’re Too Old, too Young? Think your geography or current situation has you trapped? You are COMPLETELY WRONG!

Whatever you think your obstacles are-

You ONLY need 1 thing – BALLS!  cool

YES, I said it! That’s the ONLY necessary ingredient.  rofl

Business Balls

Everything else is gravy!

I will be building this website to help all entrepreneurs and solopreneurs through every step of your business ventures and to share in your successes! Free. That’s it.

If you are Brand New to Business, let me introduce you to the main concept:

*Business IS ONLY providing a product or service that people need, or that you convince them they need.

*Business IS finding a problem and then providing the solution.



is to find that problem and create the solution.

It does not matter what part of the world you are in.

It does not matter who old you are.

It does not matter what your gender is.

If you provide a benefit and value to people,

You will have a business!

Business attitude
It’s all in your attitude

Even in the poorest and harshest of places- You can have a business. you don’t have to be paid in money. Because after all, money is just paper that only represents an idea that people have. It has no value of itself. In the beginning, it may be well to barter services, barter products, barter value.

This concept of bartering is really what the idea of money is about. We use money to acquire things of value to us, right?

So this idea is just skipping the middle man, money.

But let’s face it. If you don’t have an attitude to succeed, you won’t. If you are willing to change your attitude, then do it now! This is the only SKILL that cannot be made easy for you. You have to do this all on your own.  sad

If you are the kind of person that is always coming up with the negatives, excuses, and why it can’t be done- then you are right. It can’t be, and I can’t help you. Honestly, no one can. Your mindset determines your life. 

BUT – if you are ready to begin- then let’s get started!!

YOUR FIRST EXERCISE Generating Business Ideas

  1. Grab your new business notebook.
  2. Begin brainstorming all problems that you can think of that need to have solutions.
  3. Begin brainstorming ways that these problems can be solved.
  4. Write these lists down. It doesn’t matter how silly, crazy, or unrealistic. Just write and write.
  5. List out all your skills, talents, interests, experience, and potential skills that you could use to solve this problem.
  6. Lastly, list all your excuses, fears, perceived obstacles, hang-ups, hold-backs, and buts. List them all. Just puke them all out and leave no stone unturned.

Example: Your problem could be that people need more creative ways to cook rice. There really are NO limits. So list them all.

We are going to be addressing these legitimate questions. But for the rest, I am referring you back to the top of the page.


That’s it. Strong, Beautiful, dontscrewwithmeBALLS!

Business Balls

So while you get started on your brain storming and journaling, I have more work to do :*


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