My Open Letter to ALL Mothers! ~But especially single Moms who may have it a little (lot) harder:

Dear Exhausted Mother,

(that misses her familiy, hates her job, needs more money, or wants to model for your children how to live independently)

You don’t have to be miserable at a job that keeps you away from your true heart any longer!


Free Business Course

Completely Free. Always.

My PROMISE to you is I will fill in the blanks, answer your questions, not leave gaps where we don’t build a bridge, and NOT leave you STUCK IN THE MUD! Yuck!

Business is NOT difficult. It is not even complicated. The problem is that there is SOOO much information about it, that it’s hard to now where to start and how to work through the maze. But I did it, and I will walk you through it!

I want you to know that you don’t have to sacrifice those young precious years with your babies any longer! I want to show you a way to homeschool if you choose, be their main support, and not have your life dictated by someone else’s clock any longer. Whatever it is you want for your life and your family, YOU can make it just like anyone else!

I am living proof!

New Best Business Friend

Hold your chin up, exhausted mama! Get your yoga mat out, stretch it out, focus, and get ready to kick some ASS!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! It’s a BIG BRIGHT LIGHT! And I will explain further down how I make it all Free, so you will not be expecting the ‘hook’. There is NO hook! I promise.

I hate hooks :/

You will find I am very straightforward. I’m honest and real, but you will have to give me a chance to prove it.

Lots of Love,


This is a growing site.

I started this site on a shoestring… okay, it was dental floss really, but it’s growing. We are beginning very humbly. I am not a techie developer, graphic designer, expert site builder, course creator… but soon I hope I can hire one ;)

Until then, I will be listening to your feed back and implementing as much as I can.


I want it to be as easy to navigate, work through, and understand as possible.

I rely on your input and need YOUR HELP. 

I welcome all comments, pats on the back and even criticisms. 

I’m doing this for free, I am aware of my shortcomings and limitations, and I’m open about my deficiencies.

It has taken me months to connect these pieces together. And I want to spare you the headaches, time, stress, and sleepless nights.

I am building an easily followed ROAD MAP that flows. It will take me some tweaks and hard work, but I have a mission.

And to you, my criticizers saying, “Well you shouldn’t have published it until it’s all finished”.   (:blumsmile  cool 

There is NO time like the Present! CARPE DIEM!!


How can I Make All this Free??

I use Affiliates and Network my site with my other business and website. I also network with other websites and businesses.

I also use organic advertising, cross promotion, and basic helpfulness. I want to make this site valuable to everyone that happens by.

I am not saying that there will not be items that I offer for sale at some point. But you will have everything you need here, and those future options will be JUST that – Your choice. I will walk you step by step, and answer questions and help in every way I can to MAKE YOU AS SUCCESSFUL AS YOU WANT TO BE!

sad (as long as paid business course owners don’t lynch me first!) sad

Free business coaching

I want to add as much value to YOUR life as possible and do it in a way that I WISH I had HAD.

When I started this, I NEEDED help. I NEEDED a friend, a mentor, and MONEY!

I had nothing. Not a pity story. Truth.

You can be COMPLETELY successful exactly where you are now!! And NOT in Months or Years – NOOOO!

I’m talking about weeks or less! Seriously. No bullshit.

I would love to hear from you! Please hit the contact me and Let me know how you’re doing!

If you are ready to get started now – CLICK HERE!! <<<<<<<<

Want to learn more about me and hear my story? You can read about it on my About page. I don’t bite, a lot ;)


(I’m a cheesy shit, I know ;) … it’s fun!

Now we got all that out of the way, Let’s begin the PLANNING!